FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions to 123 Birthday Club

How can costumers join my Birthday Club?

1. Customers can join directly on your very own Birthday Club sign-up page.
2. Each city has a sign-up page where customers can join all clubs with one sign-up.

What can I do with the email addresses you collected for me?

You can use them for your marketing, for example in an e-newsletters.
We will of course not share your email addresses with other businesses.

How can I get to my customers email addresses?

When you login with your password on 123birthdayclb.com you will see a link: Export Emails.

Can you let the email addresses go automatically into my e-newsletter system?

Yes, we can connect your 123BirthdayClub database with your e-newsletter database. Please contact us for that.

How can I promote my Birthday Club?

♦ Put your Birthday Club banner your website, facebook, newsletters, ...
♦ Your Birthday Club is also featured within your city on 123Birthdayclub.com

Where do I get my banner & link for my website?

You will get an email from us with your password, web-banner, link and some useful tips.
You can also download the banner & link when you login with your password on 123birthdayclub.com

How do I redeem a Gift Certificate?

Each gift certificate has a redemption code and a QR code.
Either entering the code on the redemption page or scan the QR code with your cell phone.
We can also use your own POS system QR & bar codes so you can use your in-house POS keys!

How long are my gift certificate valid?

The default is set to one time within the whole birthday month.
You can change it to the actual birthday only.

Can I change my birthday and/or welcome gift?

Of course, just login with your password and find the link: Birthday Club
Just keep in mind that some customers might have gotten the old gift already and might redeem it.

What is the 21+ icon next to some of the gifts?

21+ icons represent the age limit for some gifts (eg. alcohol, ...)
Customers under 21 will automatically not receive these gifts!
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